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SHEER INTUITION: An Exploration of Silk by Andrea Huffman

West Gallery

10/04/19 - 11/29/19

Intuition is a deep impression, insight or understanding. Much like our own intuition Andrea Huffman uses the translucency of silk organza in her fiber art as a metaphor for seeing what lies beneath the façade.  Drawing upon her own creative and intuitive spirit, Huffman uses a variety of techniques on fabric, including hand dyeing, printmaking, painting, digital photography along with hand and machine stitching, to convey her impressions of the natural world and the passing of time. 

Alicia Rodriguez Exhibition

West Gallery

10/11/19 - 1/03/20

Alicia Rodriguez lives and works in Florida. Born in New York City in a multicultural artistic family and later raised in Venezuela, she graduated in Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela and in Fine Arts at the Cristobal Rojas Visual Arts School, both in Caracas, Venezuela, worked at Atelier Delta d’ Architecture in Paris, France, and studied gilding and glass mosaic restoration under a UNESCO program in Florence, Italy. Alicia acted as Photography professor at Nueva Esparta University Graphic Design School and the Villasmil De Leon Design Institute, becoming Art Director and Photographer at various publicity and editorial companies. She has been involved with a non-profit organization for children with special needs, La Ventana de Los Cielos, giving art lessons children. Rodriguez creates one of a kind fused glass artworks, an art form rising today in the art world and in the interest of collectors. Alicia’s work is different, appealing and can be shown on the wall or on pedestals. She says: “After practicing with diverse media, now I am creating with fused glass. Water was a constant subject in my life. I find in the glass a resemblance to water, ice, and water creatures. I merge Florida water sites, like the Ocean and the Everglades, with the water sites of my past, the Orinoquia, the greatest concentration of rivers in the Amazon region of South America. The themes for my contemporary glass pieces subtlety imply the history and the legends of the peoples that live today or inhabited in the past all these regions, especially the ones residing closer to the water. Through my work, viewers can feel a reflection of themselves and their inner essence. I believe that we all carry a genetic memory that, no matter nationality or upbringing, is the same.”

Placeness: Cuban Women Artists in the U.S.

Central and East Galleries

11/01/19 - 12/19/19

PLACENESS features eleven women artists whose work in photography provides a glimpse into diverse histories on race, gender, community, and migration. Photography played a fundamental role in the feminist art movement of the late 1960s because of its accessibility and pronouncement of political and social issues in a direct way. By using photography, women artists found a powerful tool, to deconstruct the male gaze and bring private themes into public discussion. Also, photography was a non-traditional medium -a recent one in comparison to painting and sculpture- which expanded the definition of fine arts and incorporated diverse artistic possibilities. This exhibition presents the diverse contributions of Cuban women photographers in the United States since the seventies when the concept of a collective “Latino” identity is crucial. These artists started to attend art schools and participated in the atmosphere of social movements. They created new images of their communities and examined pluricultural experiences challenging the notions of being Cuban or American. This show exposes artwork rarely seen or exhibited, and at the same time, proposes to think, through the idea of ‘place’ about the social, cultural and political identities of Cuban Women Artists in the United States within the discussion about Latinx art.