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Palimpsest by Alicia Rodriguez Exhibition

West Gallery

12/06/19 - 1/28/20

A word that describes a document that has the marks of previous writings, Palimpsest is a testimony featuring different layers where previous marks remain and that can be seen beneath the surface, is used by Alicia Rodriguez to define this body of work. This exhibition features large-format mixed media paintings - monochromatic at first look- that create a metaphoric connection between the tragic events taking place in her native country of Venezuela and Dante’s Inferno. Through detailed observation, the viewer discovers the different layers with multiple materials applied to each of the surfaces exhibited, each layer and each texture reflecting on the artist’s experiences as she faced political turmoil in her lifetime. Each painting is approached as a manuscript that has hold many stories, on the same page.

Opening Reception: December 6, 6pm-10pm | FREE

Claire Satin Exhibition

1/03/20 - 2/26/20

This exhibition focuses on an overview of large sculptural works primarily from the 1980s and 1990s by renown South Florida sculptor Claire Jeanine Satin. The artist has had an extensive exhibition and collections history in the U.S. and Europe. Claire's work concentrates on the exploration of paper, and metal as mediums and breaks the boundaries of traditional sculptural forms. These sculptures and constructions explore the connection between minimalistic forms while retaining a human connection. Some of the works have been influenced by the artist's association with her friend and mentor, the composer John Cage (1912-1992) and his concept of indeterminacy and chance operations. The artworks from 1980s and 1990s went through several phases, as they were constantly evolving in form, medium, and their level of minimalism and abstraction.