Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA): located at 41 NE 1st St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 | (954) 786-7879
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm
Offering contemporary art exhibits, workshops & classes!

Carlos Alves Art Exhibit

When color is only in your imagination, what would you see? Acclaimed artist Carlos Alves is color blind. Living in shades of gray, he has delved deeper to create works that have been praised by critics and beloved by art collectors. Enter his world and experience artwork that breaks down the boundaries and parameters that other artists face. “In my work, I seek to utilize shapes, forms and polished textures to communicate a story, and to deliver a deeper message. To me, the canvas serves as both mask and magnifier, allowing me to reveal important elements through brush strokes and layers of paint, or to hide them,” said Alves. “It is a reflection of my inner world, and my desire to speak to the universal dichotomies within human nature. I see these as opposites that vacillate between moments of creation and demise, resulting in a visual synergy more potent than the original impulses.” The Bailey Contemporary Arts will show a collection of the artists’ paintings and prolific works on paper in a month-long exhibition. FREE. Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA). 41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. (954) 284-0141.

Invisual: The Works of Goldstein and Nicola" Art Exhibit

November at the Bailey Contemporary Arts showcases powerful work from two very different artists tackling the same phenomenon: invisibility. Bonnie Goldstein and Christina Nicola come from two very different worlds and generations, and yet, profoundly convey the same experience in their work: the fight to be heard. Sarah M. Benichou, Director and Curator at the Bailey Contemporary Arts, decided to put these artists together- one established and one emerging, to underline the continued struggle women face of establishing their place in society, regardless of color, age, class, or geography. Both of these artists use strong execution, textures, and surfaces to convey presence, significance, tenacity and fragility all at once. Join us for the complimentary artists’ reception on Friday, November 4th, at 6:00PM in conjunction with Old Town Untapped. FREE. Dates and hours of admission available online.

Spotlight on Kids

Teenagers who have participated in Cameras For Kids Foundation will exhibit their fine art photographs at the “Spotlight on Kids” Exhibition in the community gallery at the Bailey Contemporary Arts in Pompano Beach.

The showcased photographs are taken by at-risk youth in the South Florida community who have completed the CFKF photography course, which provides point-and-shoot cameras and instruction on basic concepts of art and photography. These young pho-tographers gain self-esteem, self-confidence and life skills from learning photography and having their work displayed in a reputable gallery. CFKF photographers attending the event will provide insight into their images and share stories of how photography has impacted their lives.

Guests will be enthralled with the caliber of photographs taken by the youth as well as the professional artwork on display throughout the beautiful BaCA gallery space which is located in the historic Bailey Hotel. Musical entertainment, light bites and beverages will be enjoyed while guests may take home an abundance of auction items and door prizes.

Created by founder Betsey Chesler in 2009, CFKF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with active programs in South Florida and cities serving disadvantaged youth across the United States and Canada. Ms. Chesler founded CFKF after returning from a trip to South Africa where she spent a life-changing month volunteering with orphans. Her desire to help children is powerful, and the results are heartwarming and incredibly effective. CFKF has placed cameras in the hands of 890 at-risk children, using the art of photography to better their lives.

Event tickets are $30 per person. Please visit the website at for additional information or call BaCA at 954-284-0141. Bailey Contemporary Arts. 41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. (954) 786-7824.

“Evolution” The South Florida Artists Association Group Show

Evolution is a showcase of works accomplished by a select group within the organization, who continue to work together to evolve and flourish within their respective genres. While the works featured may vary in style and medium, they all share a common theme. The works reflect an ongoing metamorphosis of the individual efforts to tell a story of the artist’s journey from where they began, where they are now, and what lies ahead in the future.


Re-Produce will entice you to discover what others miss. This juried group exhibition curated by Lisa Rockford showcases artworks created from found objects, unexpected debris materials and other overlooked components. Look at the world through artists’ eyes and watch the ordinary transformed into works of splendor. Join us for the complimentary artists’ reception on September 8, 2016 at 6:00PM. FREE. Dates and hours of admission available online. Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA). 41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. (954) 284-0141.


SWIMMING with NARCISSUS investigates identity and persona of both of the artist, and of the viewer, as provoked by the artist. The exhibit is a survey of atypical self-portraits. Instead of a tangible reflection of the figure based in realism, these contemporary approaches are instead conceptual meditations of the psyche, where representations of the self may be distorted and altered, resulting in a diverse embodiment of identity.

Throughout the exhibit, viewers will also be confronted by sculptural artworks with reflective or mirrored surfaces, inherently bringing the viewer into the work, and provoking fractured and distorted reflections, thereby causing them to consider the subjective nature of how one views their own image.

The opening reception on July 21 will feature a performance by Kikimora, with electronic and acoustic music by Amir Sultan Roth. Also during the reception will be an interactive FunClicks photo booth, in which visitors can create their own unique self portrait, take home a free print, as well as add the image to the exhibition!

Rick Herzog
Sarah Knouse
Sarah Henderson
Ben Morey
Matthew Schlagbaum
David Nyzio
Olga Saretsky - Kikimora
Cat Del Beuno
Adam Pizurny
Carrie Sieh
John Zoller
Jc Bravo
Deming King Harriman
Christin Paige Minnotte
Kate Helms
Selina Roman
Marisa Finos
Peter Symons
Megan Castellon
Adrienne Chadwick
Casey Zap

Building Broward: A Guide to a Century of Architecture

Broward County has grown immensely in the span of a century, emerging as a metropolitan area and major tourist destination and its architectural development has an interesting history.

This exhibition, a series of photographs on panels, represents some of the most prominent examples of architecture throughout the County, charting its growth from the settlement of Fort Lauderdale into its most current iterations. From suburbs to skyscrapers, this exhibition aims to acquaint the public with the buildings, their architectural history and the urban phenomena throughout the region.

Through original research, the curators hope that the exhibit will serve as a catalyst for more in depth studies regarding the area’s built environment, while celebrating and exploring how buildings embody past ideals, present concerns, and future aspirations.

This exhibition is possible due to generous funding and support from the Broward Cultural Division, the Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture, and FAU’s Broward Undergraduate Research Award. We are especially thankful to Dawn Robinson-Patrick, Jeffrey Huber and John Sandell. The exhibition was co-curated by Fredo Rivera and Vladimir Kulic and presents the work and research of students at FAU’s School of Architecture. Participants in the exhibition include: Heather Akers, Jammy Chong, Nick DiMattia, Christopher Emile, Catheryn Espino, Emelia Fischer, Christie Garcia, and Christopher Sartori.

Building Broward Videos: Video 1 | Video 2

"What's your Story?"

"What's your Story?" is a celebration of the rich history of Pompano Beach's African American community through stunning photographs. Many dating from the 1930s, the photos in the exhibition are a remarkable visual journey that highlights past generations of local family members and community leaders. The photos were culled from the archives of the African American Research Library and the Cultural Center of Broward County.