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Caribbean Culinary Museum Exhibition

9/06/19 - 11/09/19

The Caribbean Culinary Museum includes culinary artifacts from around the Caribbean region. Each item is labeled according to its name on the multiple islands where it is used. There is also a description of each item’s traditional use(s) on these islands. The exhibition also includes a series of graphic narratives exploring the history of Caribbean cuisine, presented on large-format foam boards. The information is organized based on flavor profiles, looking at how certain culinary staples made their way into the region, how certain items, preparations and serving methods are used differently or in the same way from island to island, and how certain food traditions bring the region together. Exhibition Developed by Island Syndicate (Calibe Thompson and David I. Muir)

SHEER INTUITION: An Exploration of Silk by Andrea Huffman

West Gallery

10/04/19 - 11/29/19

Intuition is a deep impression, insight or understanding. Much like our own intuition Andrea Huffman uses the translucency of silk organza in her fiber art as a metaphor for seeing what lies beneath the façade.  Drawing upon her own creative and intuitive spirit, Huffman uses a variety of techniques on fabric, including hand dyeing, printmaking, painting, digital photography along with hand and machine stitching, to convey her impressions of the natural world and the passing of time.