Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA): located at 41 NE 1st St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 | (954) 786-7879
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm
Offering contemporary art exhibits, workshops & classes!

Wálé Adénlé

Adéwálé Adénlé's work (paintings & drawings) explores the dual realities and logics in socio-cultural-political constructs and affiliations. It arrives at a three-dimensionality that is vastly engaging, seeking the viewer to unload and search for multiple logics in its interpretation. Within these dualities, he induces metaphorical slippages in relationships between objects, forms, and their context to form new meanings and point to contrasts of unsung alternatives in many salient norms or structures. His interdisciplinary practices include socio-political cartoons/illustrations, published in various newspapers and magazines in Nigeria, Great Britain and the United States between 1986 and 2010. Some of these visceral, often times, acerbic expressions drew the ire of the notorious military regimes in Nigeria—( and eventually contributed to the emergence of democracy in the West African nation. It propelled in 2000, the publication of his book, Mixed Feelings and his receipt of the 2001 Reuters News Graphics Fellowship award in London, with workshops at the University of Navarra, Spain. From 2002 to 2004, he was a painter at WON Murals-New Orleans, where he assisted in executing several public projects including the massive murals for the Philadelphia International Airport and Aurora Community Center, CO.

'Wálé obtained his undergraduate degree in Painting and Drawing at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, M.A degree in Museum Studies from Southern University in New Orleans, and M.F.A in Studio Art—Painting from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He also had 15-Quarter Hours of Animation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta Campus). From 2012-2014, 'Wálé was a full time Visiting Assistant Professor in Painting & Drawing at Texas Tech University. He has also taught formal art classes in New Orleans public schools, Miami University, and Appalachian State. Alongside his various professional awards, he has received several recognitions for his humanitarian services with Rotary International. His most recent public commission includes, “Congo Square” an 8ft x12ft high relief cast bronze sculpture, commissioned by the City of New Orleans-Louisiana, and installed at the Louis Armstrong Park-New Orleans.

Susan Clifton

Susan is originally from Philadelphia and went to the Philadelphia College of Art. From there, she moved to NYC where she worked for many years in advertising as an Art Director. She is currently living in Pompano Beach, Florida. Her works are mostly Mixed Media, Fabric Mosaics. Her latest series, “Grey Matter,” changes the face of figurative art. This high-energy series of graphics, colors, and words paint us the whole picture of the self we strive to become. We’re inspired by each figure’s thought process that deepens our visual experience with a lasting imprint on our psyches.

Andrea Huffman

Fiber artist Andrea Huffman received a Master’s degree in Art Education from Florida International University and taught art in Broward Public Schools for over 30 years. She has exhibited her art throughout Florida and nationally, receiving numerous awards and recognitions, including several grants and a Residency at the prestigious Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood, Florida. Although Ms. Huffman has retired from teaching in the public school system, she continues to share her passion for art teaching classes and workshops in fiber art and mixed media at various art venues and guilds throughout Florida.

Sandi Lazar

Sandi recently fully committed herself to the art of pottery, after 30 years in the teaching field. After having discovered the craft ten years ago, the practice changed Sandi’s life and outlook on artistic expression and its priority in her life. Over the last year, Sandi’s functional pieces have gained a dedicated following and she now balances her academic pursuits with commercial sustainability. Sandi continues to experiment and challenge the boundaries of clay, firing and glazes, and is always looking to learn from those well-established artists willing to share their knowledge. In turn, she looks forward to being then able impart her experience as well. Sandi’s work can be found weekly at the Pompano Beach Green Market, here at BaCA, as well as local and regional art fairs.

Samantha McInnis

Samantha McInnis is a native Floridian potter who spends her days creating ocean-inspired functional and sculptural ceramic art. Her artistic inspiration began at a young age during the usual weekend boating trips on the west coast of Florida. Her primary source of inspiration is now the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s eastern coastline. Her art is characterized by coastal colors, flowing shapes, and fine craftsmanship.

After passing her portfolio review, Samantha was approved for her Bachelor of Fine Art concentrating in Ceramics from Florida Atlantic University. She graduated in 2011 upon completion of the student installation exhibition, Gamut.

Samantha has since been evolving her craft as well as her company The Clay Cache. For the last two years, she has been relentlessly participating in as many art shows and craft fair pop ups as possible. She has shown her work in places such as the West Palm Beach Bridal Expo and the Coral Gables Mad Hatter Festival. Some weekends she has her booth set up at a monthly art walk in Fort Lauderdale and other weekends she can be found at larger events such as the Dania Beach Seafood Festival.

Besides pop up shops, Samantha sells her work online through Etsy and Amazon Handmade. The Clay Cache can also be found in a few boutiques around the area too. Samantha is working to develop a strong brand for The Clay Cache through shows and social media. The Clay Cache is a name that will be sought after not only for its beauty, but also for the precision and craftsmanship behind her handmade work.

Debra Pierce

Debra Pierce, a lover of people and art, has focused her life on sharing knowledge within the creative industries. She is an emerging artist that has found a new sense of resolve to document cultural extremes, motivated to peel back the layers of societal norms using form, new material and technique. She is an interactive ceramic sculptor that creates social, political and environmental narratives. Her works are distinguished by insightful commentary on the collective perception of the human disposition.

Cindy Trezona

Cindy’s artistic process is as integral to her work as the completion of the artwork itself. Accumulating endless materials with which to construct the work can take up to years. The intention of her work can be as simple catching the eye of the viewer with a pleasing surprise of reflective color in a dark palette, or replicating the astounding complexity of a piece that seemingly change with light and angles. Drawing inspiration from nature and its dynamic forces, much of her process is improvisational. Each finished artwork tells a handful of anecdotes, each from a different place and time. Her pieces are a memorial to the personal experiences she’s had- the fragments of stories she places in front of the observer. Cindy’s art reflects her spiritual beliefs, and creating the artwork elevates her consciousness to a higher frequency. It is a therapy that she practices in order to achieve balance and contentment.