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“Lahou Lakay” Off the Beaten Path lecture with Troy Bernier

Dates: 2017-05-03 - 2017-06-02
Reception: 2017-05-05

The Bailey Contemporary Arts, the Historic Ali Cultural Arts and MUCE (the Miami Urban Contemporary Experience) is partnering for Haitian Heritage Month, this May, 2017 to present visual and performance art in the City of Pompano Beach, “Lakou Lakay: In my backyard” Featuring Haitian Artists: Alix Gauchier & Zeek Mathias, and a live celebration performance by Rara Lakay. The visual exhibit will feature the works of two very talented contrasting artists, Alix Gauchier and Seek Mathias, who are looking at the importance of the tambour and musical culture in Haiti heritage, past and present.

Alix Joseph Gauchier, recent second place winner of "The Art Of Black”, (sponsored by the GMCVB), is a native of Haiti who believes that "art is a reflection of visible and invisible things around us". For him, the Tambour is a very powerful and ethereal instrument that can put us in another spiritual dimension”, and thus is the focus of his creations.

Son of a preacher, Zeek Mathias believes that the "Tambour is a portal". Mr. Mathias is making a name for himself throughout the Caribbean, as well as Stateside. Born in Haiti and raised in Miami's "Little Haiti”, Zeek produces work in light and shadows that explores the "intersection of three themes: legacy, transmission and articulation.

"Rara Lackay” performance artists are known for their electrifying street festival precession which serves as a communal celebration, and will highlight this months long celebration with a live performance at the Historic Ali Cultural Arts.

Also, celebrating Haitian Heritage Month, both venues will be hosting additional complementary lectures and programs.