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Anthony Harris at Blooming Bean

Dates: 2/02/18 - 3/30/18
Reception: 2/02/18

Exhibit Time - during Regular Café Hours
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: 7:30AM – 3:00PM
Wednesday & Friday: 7:30AM – 5:00PM Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

This exhibition features images created by photojournalist Anthony Harris with the purpose of capturing the Artistic Soul in and around Pompano Beach.

Anthony is an avid chronicler of creative and beautiful images of people where he finds them—-on a crowded street, in a park or cafe, at a gallery or museum, or performing as artists in a quiet club or open arena. His approach is consistent as he captures the natural movements and attitudes of the people he encounters.

During the last few years, he has become more deeply involved in digital image making or picture making. His photographs have been included in several group shows in Miami with his most recent solo exhibit entitled “The Live Musician…a photographic essay” at WDNA Jazz Gallery that was sold out on the opening night. Since his exhibit at WDNA, he has become an on-air programmer of his weekly show “Jazz Before Midnight” on Saturday nights at 10PM. He is able to fuse photographic images and musical ideas together during his jazz-based program that is broadcasted locally at 88.9 FM and worldwide on the internet.

Anthony recently taught a Master Class with photographers form the student newspaper, “The Buccaneer” at Barry University in Miami Shores. At the conclusion of the Master Class, Anthony presented “What You See”, a discussion of street, candid and performance photojournalism to students and faculty that was produced by the Mass Communications Department at Barry.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Harris received a BS in Business Administration from Virginia State University and a JD degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law. Anthony lived in Pompano Beach for ten years before moving to Miami where he currently resides.

The Bag Project by 6 Hands Collaborative

Dates: 3/02/18 - 4/27/18
Reception: 3/02/18

Exhibit Time:
During Regular Gallery Hours
Tuesday through Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sundays and Mondays: CLOSED

On a bag, in a bag, from a bag, about a bag, metaphors about bags and baggage. Shopping bags, hand-bags, trash bags. Paper, plastic, cloth, vinyl…that is the essence of “The Bag Project”, curated by Janet Gold, Deborah Gregg and Andrea Huffman… a.k.a., 6 Hands Collaborative. Artists create their individual interpretation on the theme of ‘bags’ as they envision it. 6 Hands Collaborative simultaneously exhibits their own bag interpretative collection, using their unique format of art making; 6 hands working together, in the same piece, at the same time, thus melding 3 distinct artistic viewpoints into a new collective vision. Their exploration of collaboration, in many forms, addresses the artists psyche and thought development during the art making process, ultimately changing the art and artist. 6 Hands Collaborative holds workshops and events, giving other artists the experience of collaborative art making in its many forms.

Featured Artists:
Cindy Bartosek • Mimi Botscheller • Blima Efraim • Janet Gold Deborah Gregg • Michael Gregg • Andrea Huffman • Josephine Jones Dorothy Krause • Eydi Lampasona • Ingrid Andresen Linfors • Isabel Perez Judy Polstra • Elizabeth Reed • Simone Spade • Jen Walls