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Dates: 2017-05-03 - 2017-06-02
Reception: 2017-05-05


Featuring Isaie"Zeek"Mathias and Alix Gauchier
Curated by Bart Mervil Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE)
Honoring Haitian Heritage Month

Lakou Lakay invites the viewer to explore the dimensions of Haitian Culture through the eyes of Haitian artists Isaie "Zeek" Mathias & Alix Gauchier. The two very talented yet contrasting artists both have a commonality that revolves around the significance of the Tanbou (drum).

The viewer will find the motif of the drum as an essential element in both artists’ work. Mathias views the Tanbou as the progenitor of radio – a transmission vehicle communicating news across valleys; echoing history while giving direction into the future punctuated by dignity. Gauchier views the Tanbou as a “very powerful and ethereal instrument that can put us in another spiritual dimension”.

The Tanbou in both artists work represent a countervailing perspective to that of the mainstream narrative. Mathias works with the photographic and digital lens and Gauchier with oil, acrylic, and canvas to tell their stories. Curated by Bart Mervil of the Miami Urban Contemporary Experience, Lakou Lakay is an exhibit that takes the viewer into ‘my backyard’- a common phrase in Kreyol to welcome a guest into their home. BaCA welcomes you to Lakaou Lakay.

Opening Reception: 5/5/17, 6-9 PM (at Old Town Untapped Event)
Closing Reception: 6/2/17, 6-9 PM (at Old Town Untapped Event)