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Frontier Art Exhibit

Dates: 2017-09-01 - 2017-09-30
Reception: 2017-09-01

Where do we begin and end?
Do Frontiers and Borders define us?

A global series of barrier-breaking, ceramic-based exhibits in Tehran, Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo and Pompano Beach.

The AD Visual Academy of Art in Iran has invited artists and curators around the world to explore these questions simultaneously with them using the ceramic medium, in hopes of spreading understanding and empathetic curiosity. In this politically fraught and tumultuous time, it is imperative that humanity be free to unite and connect to forge dynamic, artistic discourse.
Goals of the project:
• Comparing borders and frontiers in the contemporary world
• Cultivating connection with global artists and their works
• Addressing local, regional, and international concerns
• Utilizing ceramics in its extended field in order to recognize, and apply its potential in the field of fine arts/Push clay past its 'craft' role

In these series of exhibitions, artists are encouraged use mixed-media such as painting, photography, and videography, to compliment the inclusion of ceramics, when creating a piece.

This Academy has held an annual exhibitions featuring ceramics, which aims at attracting the artists’ attention to this medium. The 2017 "Frontier" exhibition was first held in Khaneh-Honarmandan, Tehran, one of the most prestigious art centers in Iran from July 20th - August 3rd.

The Academy has also invited a group of international curators to collaborate on the topic, and called for artists in various countries to hold exhibitions featuring their interpretations of the theme.

List of curators in the international section of the exhibits:
1. U.S.A.: Sarah Miller Benichou, Bailey Contemporary Arts, Sept 1-29
2. Japan: Ruriku & Shigaraki Gallery, date TBC
3. Turkey: Seren Kohen, date TBC
4. France: Jacques Kaufmann, date TBC

The Ad Visual Arts Academy was established in 2014, offering a wide variety of art classes such as theory of art, painting and ceramics in which the latter has been their area of expertise.